My research is located at the intersection of issues of equity and mathematics teaching and learning. As a researcher and a teacher, I am interested in how the elementary and middle school teaching force (largely White and middle class) can be supported to become more effective teachers of mathematics, particularly for poor children, English learners, and children of color. More specifically I examine the various knowledge bases that teachers draw on in their teaching of mathematics. In addition to knowledge of mathematics, I identify some of the knowledge that is drawn on for effectively teaching mathematics to be: (a) knowledge of children’s mathematical thinking; (b) knowledge of children and their home and community funds of knowledge; (c) knowledge of the perspectives of parents, and (d) knowledge drawn from teachers’ own lived experiences.

I am currently involved in two research projects: one uses the constructs of access, agency, and allies to examine opportunities to learn mathematics in schools in an urban setting. This work is intended to support the development of an equitable mathematical system for students, teachers, and other stakeholders. Another project examines the teaching of mathematical modeling using community contexts. A recently completed project examined the development of prospective and early career elementary and middle school teachers’ ability to attend to both children’s mathematical thinking and their home and community funds of knowledge in the teaching of mathematics

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